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Jolliant Corporation is an expert to provide a diverse range of food solutions tailored to meet various customer needs. Our product offerings include a wide array of options such as ready-to-eat frozen rice meals; chilled rice meals, pasta, snacks; frozen marinated meats; and any industrial packed customized food commodities. 

We have experienced Research and Development professionals highly skilled in creating customized industrial packed foods, including hot and cold sauces and viands, allowing our customers to have unique and distinct flavors for their culinary creations. We offer frozen marinated meats for customers to conveniently prepare flavorful meals. 

At Jolliant Corporation, we understand that every customer has specific requirements. Therefore, we offer the flexibility to customize pre-mixes to suit client needs, ensuring that our products align perfectly with their desired taste profiles. 

We take pride in catering to customer needs across various settings, including convenience stores, school meals, airline meals, and restaurant menus. Our commitment to quality and innovation allows us to deliver exceptional food solutions that meet the diverse demands of our valued customers.

Product Offerings


We have the technical experts, efficient machineries, and experience to passionately work with you to run trials and fine-tune ingredients and processes until the desired profile is achieved. Our team stays current with food manufacturing industry trends, regulatory requirements, and global standards to ensure guaranteed safe and quality produce. 

We are continuously aligning with international trends adopting effective methodologies to further improve its operations.


Our equipment, IT systems, and trained food handlers are capable to work with wide range of ingredient types. Our years of experience and industry connections give us the premiere know-how to acquire raw materials to benefit our clients.

  • Chilled and Frozen Rice Meals
  • Pasta Dishes
  • Chilled and Frozen Viands
  • Batters / Breading
  • Industrial Packed Sauces (Pasta Sauces / Viand Sauces)


Food packaging is one of the most important elements for ensuring consumer safety. Our options range in size and functionality, and we can customize to your specifications:

  • Industrial Packaging
  • Retail Packaging
  • Laser Inkjet printing


Shipping food products requires special handling, temperature control, providing moisture resistant packaging, and maintaining product seal integrity so food stays fresh and appealing. 

Our efficient supply chain helps you save on cost, satisfy your customers, and ensure that your reputation for providing quality food products stays intact.


Vision – To be a leading multinational contract food manufacturing company. 

Mission – To provide excellent food manufacturing solutions that will enable business growth of our clients. Our success aims to transform the lives of our workforce, forge meaningful customer relationships, and deliver nourishment to everyone.


At Jolliant Corporation, our unwavering aim is to transition from semi to full automation, significantly reducing the need for manpower while simultaneously increasing our production output with minimum food handling. We can efficiently serve a larger number of clients who are seeking a reliable and efficient food manufacturing partner. 

To achieve this, we have devised a comprehensive plan to expand our commissary and implement cutting-edge technologies such as automation, digitalization, and innovative food processing methods. These advancements enhance our operational efficiency and also allow us to provide sustainable and eco-friendly solutions that benefit both our esteemed business partners and valued customers. 

We are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our machinery and the development of our employees, ensuring that we exceed your expectations. With our state-of-the-art equipment and up-to-date machinery, we are empowered to deliver high-quality and premium food products that enhance our efficiency in meeting your ever-evolving demands. 

Rest assured, at Jolliant Corporation, we are committed to revolutionizing the food manufacturing industry by embracing automation and sustainable practices, while also prioritizing the growth and development of our dedicated team. Together, we can create a brighter and more efficient future for the food industry.