Research and Development

We have the personnel, equipment, and experience to work with you to run trials and fine-tune ingredients and processes until we achieve the results you want. Our team stays current with food industry trends and regulatory requirements that you can rely on throughout the entire process.

We are continuously aligning with international trends adopting methodologies to further improve its operations.

Food Processing

Our equipment and systems are capable to work with wide range of ingredient types. Our years of experience and industry connections give us the premiere know-how to acquire raw materials to benefit our clients.

Rice Meals

Pasta Dishes

Ala Carte Viands

Batters / Breadings

Industrial Pack Sauces (Pasta Sauces / Viand Sauces)

Frozen Viands



Food packaging is one of the most important elements for keeping consumers safe. Our options range in size and functionality, and we can customize to your specifications:

Industrial Packaging

Consumer Packaging



Shipping food products often requires special handling: temperature control, providing moisture-resistant packaging so food stays fresh and appealing.

Our efficient supply chain can help you save money, satisfy your customers, and ensure that your reputation for quality food products stays intact.